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I'm known to be quite the tosser πŸ€” 😁 , I'll always order the Yue Sang if they have it, heck I even buy the supermarket ones. But too often everyone is a keen tosser πŸ€” πŸ™„ , but nobody eats the bloody thing. I'd tapau the whole plate back for my night munchies πŸ˜… 😎 ..... - So.... here at grub we sneak in the Japanese A5 WAGYU into your lou sang...... Confirm ur in laws will lick the plate clean and give u big angpow. After eat everyone sure forget to ask u when get married, house where , car where, baby where, how many kilo lost..... Huat aaaaa...... To order, prepare angpow: - Large (5-7 pax) RM 138.88 - 300g A5 - Small (2-4 pax) RM 98.88 - 200g A5 - Can Preorder with my boy boy at 0146072983 @ Grub by ahong & friends

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