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Posted 3 years ago

💎Wisdom Stone 💎 Manjushri is the embodiment of Great Wisdom. This Bodhisattva appears to those who meditate on him. Even though we cannot see him yet, he instils and stimulates us to develop wisdom to free ourselves from karmic bondages. For this reason, images of the Bodhisattva Manjushri can often be seen in meditation halls, libraries and scripture study rooms in monasteries. The Benefits of Relying On Manjushri 💎Develops wisdom 💎Heightens intelligence, and increase memory and creativity 💎Enhances skills in debating, explaining, etc. 💎Fulfills good wishes 💎Removes obstacles/troubles 💎Purifies bad karma 💎Gains merits to better understand the Dharma and to gain attainments 💎Gains clairvoyance 💎Helps achieve perfect enlightenment His spiritual energy in the form of sound (mantra) that helps to transform the mind is inscribed on stone for you to offer at your own altar or we can help you offer to our 4-Armed Manjushri at Kechara Forest Retreat. More information about Lord Manjushri: Manjushri mantra stone is available @ Naropa's Cave, Kechara Forest Retreat Jalan Chamang, Bentong, Pahang.

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