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Posted 2 weeks ago

What is 100% smooth cotton; is it original cotton? We get this question A LOT so let us shed some light onto you! Cotton goes through a series of process from its fibrous state to its end product state. These processes include opening, blowing, combing, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Each process is important to ensure the characteristics its end product would posses; so the process can vary based on what the end product will be. While cotton is great for beddings, they come with a major disadvantage --as natural fiber, we cannot control the length and diameter of the fiber! The difference contribute to pilling; you know the little tiny balls that come up when friction is applied. So to get rid of that nasty little balls, cotton fabric is sent to go through another mechanical process; basically ensuring them to lay flat and compact! This not only result in better resistance towards pilling, but also improve the appearance! Why, you ask? Because now the cotton yarns are properly aligned and this causes better light reflection so our eyes see them in a more appealing way.

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