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“I met my wife when I worked in a Chinese restaurant in New Jersey. I was working in one of her sister’s restaurants as a waiter. After we got married, her passion for food was really what inspired us to come back to Malaysia and open our first joint with some of our family members. This was a cafe at Melaka Raya. We worked there for about five years before moving on to open our own kopitiam which everyone knows as BESS Kopitiam. My wife and I are always trying to recreate or experiment with recipes that we personally love ourselves. On our menu, there are about five items that people come to us regularly for, but our Nyonya Laksa is the star. It’s actually made with my mother’s recipe that my wife learnt to make from scratch. The laksa paste alone takes about 6 hours to do because our recipe makes sure that every spoonful of our gravy is balanced. The response to our laksa motivated us to enter it into a competition by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in 2019. There were about 200 entries in total in the Best Laksa category, and we honestly didn’t know what to expect. We just submitted our entry and hoped for the best. So imagine our surprise when we received a call from the organisers a month later saying we were shortlisted as one of Malaysia’s Top 10 picks. That was already a wonderful win for us, and when we were invited for the award ceremony and given the title of Best Laksa as chosen by the public, we just could not believe it! I still remember feeling so surprised and happy when they announced our name to come up on stage and receive the award. It has been an amazing journey so far with my wife and our kopitiam. I sometimes get asked what the secret ingredient is in our laksa. My reply is always the same: it’s the same ingredient to living a happy life -- balance.” -- Support local heroes like Mr Erwin and BESS Kopitiam and help Malaysian businesses thrive again. Order from GrabFood today. #Grab

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