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Posted 2 weeks ago

Did you know that squalene is naturally produced by our sebaceous glands 🤔? In fact, around 13% of our sebum is made out of this natural moisturizer. In its natural state, squalene isn’t stable, which is why, for skincare purposes, it’s converted into squalane in a process called hydrogenation. Skin benefits of squalane: ✅ Helps diminish visible signs of aging ✅ Boosts collagen production ✅ Highly penetrative & deeply moisturizing ✅ Fights skin-damaging free radicals You can find squalane in our SERUM SERUM SERUM. Thanks to our micro-capsule technology that secures all of the rich nutrients from squalane inside - it’s even more potent, resulting in firmer, healthier and younger-looking skin. Shop at

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