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Attention ladies! Did you know that IBS, a common gut problem related to stress and anxiety, affects more women than men? 🚺 But don't worry, a healthy gut can make all the difference in your mental and physical well-being! 🌟 By prioritizing gut-healthy habits and incorporating our calcium fortified probiotics into your routine, you can take control of your gut and be a happier you. 💪 Start today and feel the difference! Benefits of Natural Factors Cal’dophilus: ➡️Restore, Strengthen & Repair the Gut ➡️Reduces Gut Inflammation ➡️Manages Stress ➡️Eases Anxiety Natural Factors Cal’dophilus 90+30s is available at CARiNG Pharmacy, Georgetown Pharmacy & Wellings Pharmacy. ‼️For a limited time, enjoy instant RM5 offer at your nearby CARiNG Pharmacy or eStore at NOW! #HealthyLiving #LactobacillusRhamnosus #GutHealth #MentalWellness #Probiotics #BloatRelief #FeelBetter #caringpharmacy #KamiCaring

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