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Posted 2 years ago

Buying heels online is so convenient and fun as you can browse endless options from the comfort and safety of home. But how can you tell if they'll fit comfortably without being able to try them on? Here's a secret trick- check the incline of the heel 🤩🤫. The higher it is, the more body weight will shift to the toes, causing discomfort. So, find two different pairs of shoes with equal height, and measure the distance on your computer screen with a tape measure. Look for a greater space between the heel and the sole. In this case, the heels with the 3cm difference will be more comfy and stable! 😉🤗👍. NOVENI ladies shoes are made for comfort and all have stylish, easy-to-walk-in heels. Available now at leading departmental stores. Or, shop online at Shopee>> and Zalora>>

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