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Posted 1 week ago

A little bit more on breastmilk separation. Expressed breastmilk will separate when stored in refrigerator. This can be a real shock to anyone who is not aware that this is normal. Sometimes there is a thick later of “cream” or fat on top, other times a thin layer. Sometimes the milk looks lumpy, or clumpy, and sometimes it can be nearly clear toward the bottom of the bottle. All of the above are completely normal occurrences, and does not mean the milk has spoiled. Spoiled milk has a distinct sour smell. When you are ready to offer to the baby, remove from fridge and gently swirl the milk in a gentle “tornado-like” fashion to mix back together. Warm water run over the sides of the bottle will help when the thicker parts stick to the sides of the bottle. Credit: @loyallactation (IG) #breastfeeding #exclusivepumping #exclusivelypumping #exclusivepumper #normalizepumping #normalizebreastfeeding #mamasmilk #doula #breastfeedingsupport #lactationconsultant #breastfeedingclass #breastfeedingsupport

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