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Posted 2 years ago

Chocolate peanut butter Reese peanut butter cups I fell in love with Reese's when I was working in NYC doing an internship at a church in the heart of Brooklyn's inner city back in 1998. Amidst living in territories of the gang wars, gun shots, muggings, robberies.. The list goes on... It was an exciting time for me. My first trip staying away from home in a different country, colleagues from all over the world and all over USA, being part of the weekly worship singing team (only Asian on stage), but most importantly, the kids in the boroughs we served. The team ministered to 18,000+ kids back in those days. Metro Ministries had strict guidelines to how and what we did with these children we visited on a weekly basis, but these were lessons learned over the years, from false accusations and the like. How does Reese and the ministry work and children link you might wonder?? Here goes, kids love sweets and chocolates, as part of Sunday school on the sidewalk, were the prizes given out. The ministry got bails of chocolates, sweets, gummy bears, liquorice sticks, chewing gum and also Reese peanut butter cups. Did we sample them... Oh yes we did.. And this is how the love story began for me. I still have a bag of these mini cups in my fridge. Hahaha. Allan Yap Chief Angel #lifestory #fallinginlove #reese #nyc #metroministries #sheerdivinity #designingdreams #servingpleasure #cakeart #CakeAsArt #designercake #beautifulcake #cakedesign #buttercream #buttercreamcake #buttercreamflower #buttercreamflowers #🍰 #CakeSculpting #cakeartistry #cakeartist

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