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Posted 1 week ago

The surface of the planet we live on is about 70% water, the human body is about 70% water, the human brain is also about 70% water. Water makes up a significant proportion of our lives and there will be no future for us without this 70% of blue. The fact of the matter is that the threats that our oceans face are direct consequences of our activities. World Oceans Day is celebrated annually to remind people across the globe on the importance of preserving clean oceans. Our oceans are still in a dire state and requires our daily devotion to actually create any noticeable difference. So let’s do our part to save this 70% and all of its lives and beauty for many generations to come! Happy World Oceans Day everyone! #MYLexis #LexisCares #lexis #lexishotelgroup #grandlexisportdickson #grandlexispd #happyworldoceansday #oceansday #cleanoceans

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