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Posted 7 months ago

It's official! We unveiled our NEW treatment, Resurfacing Repair Treatment to our esteemed guests and influencers recently and announced the 9 Anniversary grand prize winner for the Chanel bag. It was our pleasure to bring the best and latest in skin technology and treatment to the market. In the realm of skincare, innovation is a driving force that continually pushes the boundaries of beauty and rejuvenation and Medi Beaute has always been a brand that stands by this. One such breakthrough is the latest advancement where the power and technology of sponge spicules is being harnessed – introducing our latest release, Resurfacing Repair Treatment. This cutting-edge treatment holds the promise of transforming skincare routines by addressing a wide range of skin issues. Benefits of Resurfacing Repair Treatment: πŸ’š Brightens and Smoothens Skin πŸ’š Lightens Scars πŸ’š Reduces Pores Sizes πŸ’š Natural Ingredients Achieving remarkable skin results with Resurfacing Repair Treatment: Improved skin texture and tone By promoting collagen and elastin production, it effectively addresses uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smoother and more glowing. Enhanced skin firmness The increased collagen and elastin synthesis result in improved skin elasticity and firmness, combating the effects of aging and gravity. Active Ingredients πŸ’™ Gluconolactone (antioxidant & anti-aging, moisturising, PHAs) πŸ’™ 5 types of seaweed extracts (enhances skin barrier, hydrating & wound healing) πŸ’™ Bellis Perennis extract (anti-inflammation, tackle pigmentation, vitamin C, E) πŸ’™ Panthenol (skin calming, induces collagen production, improves skin texture) The remarkable skin results it offers, from improved texture and tone, scar reduction and pigmentation to enhanced firmness and anti-aging, making it a sought-after option for individuals of today who are looking to address a variety of skin concerns. With its unlimited potential, our latest DMedix Resurfacing Repair Treatment stands as a game-changing innovation in the pursuit of radiant and youthful glowing skin! Holistic beauty in all its splendour. #MediBeaute #branding #MediBeaute9Anniversary #chanelbag #event #colonyklcc #MBResurfacingRepair #throwback

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