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Posted 3 days ago

ACQUIRING VITAL SURVIVAL SKILLS (MAKING FIRE) Recently on 10th February, a survival course on cooking was conducted which involved the secondary students during their ‘REAL Time’ period. The one-and-a-half hour activity taught them how to set up fire by using dried twigs, leaves, and anything else that they could find to keep the fire burning. They started out by trying to spark fire using rocks. They then piled dried twigs and leaves onto the fire in order to keep it alive. The students were also given an egg and a potato to cook and were guided whenever necessary. All in all, it was a fun learning activity with the teachers and students taking all necessary precautions to avoid unpleasant fire-related incidents from happening. By teaching students basic survival skills with limited resources, they would acquire life-long knowledge that could one day save their lives or the lives of others. #REALSchools #REALSchoolsShahAlam #REALTimeLessons #REALWorldSkills

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