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Posted 7 months ago

Love at first sight. That's how Milly describes her connection with Selberan from the beginning. Joining Selberan in 2014 with a passion for sales and her love for learning, Milly worked hard to understand and appreciate the craft through training and hands-on experience. One of Milly’s most remarkable memories is of a couple who entered the store in search of a diamond ring. Letting her intuition be her guide while using the skills she learned on the sales floor, Milly approached the couple and learned about the customer's preferences before bringing out a few collections for the customer to try on. Milly could see the joy etched on her customer’s face when she tried on the rings. “When the customer’s husband saw his wife light up, he immediately bought the rings for her!” Milly emphasises connecting with customers on a personal level before making recommendations. Only then can she enjoy a sense of satisfaction when fulfilling her customers’ desires. This year, Milly celebrates Selberan’s 50th anniversary with great excitement. She enthusiastically muses about the Jubilee Necklace - a diamond and pink sapphire-studded necklace that borrowed inspiration from the Archive collection. “The collection has character!” she remarks. Ending the year on a positive note, Milly fondly remembers her exceptionally helpful colleagues and credits her success to their guidance, support, and encouragement. #Selberan #Diamonds #Jewellery #Fashion #Gold #JewelleryDesign #JewelleryLover #BespokeJewel #FineJewellery #Craftsmanship #Malaysia #Christmas #Holidays #YearEnd #SeasonsGreetings #GoldenJubilee #50thAnniversary #LoveAtFirstSight

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