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Posted 4 days ago

This webinar provides fundamental understanding and education on composting principles and compost use. Composting is a natural process of decomposition and recycling of organic material such as vegetables, fruits, grains and more into humus rich soil amendment known as compost. Compost is a good for plant growth and contributes to sustainable future. Furthermore, this webinar will be focusing on vegetable and fruit waste which has unique properties as a raw compost agent. Students, academicians. farmers, engineers and landscapers will gain benefits through learning simple applications of using vegetable waste and fruit waste for composting. Thus, individual that participate in this program will gain composting skills, designing composting operations and enhancing composting interest. This webinar may also be useful for those considering starting a composting operation at the on-farm, gardens, and industrial level. End of the program, guidance will be given to try and experience composting vegetable waste and fruit waste at home safely. Afterwards, the role of educational institutions can play to develop composting systems will be discussed by focusing on Outcome Based Education. #Engineering #MAHSA #BeMore

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