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Simplify your cooking with these must-have additions perfect for any home.​ 1. Tefal Eternal Mesh Stainless Steel Induction Range ​ This must-have edition is great for any cook that wants to create meals without worrying about having burning or scratching their pans. The Eternal Mesh series is coated with steel and Meshing Coating to ensure less stick and scratch resistance. Besides built for durability, the pans come with Triply construction for perfect searing and even cooking. ​ 2. Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker CY638D​ This Multicooker is perfect if you're trying to balance between meal prep and your busy day an absolute time-saver, it comes with 19 pre-set programs and 3 special functions to ensure versatile cooking the faster way. This Multicooker features OPTI-TASTE Technology to enhance natural flavor without the need to use MSG. This Multicooker lets you cook with just a click of a button. ​ 3. Tefal Ingenio Expertise 8-PC Red ​ If you are looking for a set that has it all, then this may be the series you've been waiting for. This 8-pc set comes with a removable handle that can transform your pots and pans at just a click. The handle can hold up to 10kg and can make transitioning your pans to the oven even easier. The Ingenio also includes a Thermo-Spot® temperature indication, to ensure your food is cooked to perfection, and that's not all, with its stackable design, it's perfect for any sized home.​ 4. Tefal Unlimited Frypan​ Tefal Unlimited is a perfect addition to any kitchen with THERMO-SIGNAL Technology to indicate the right temperature for the perfect texture, color and taste for flavorful dishes every time. It also features the best anti-scratching and non-stick coating with maximum resistance making it lasts 6 times longer. ​ 5.Tefal Rice Xpress IH Rice Cooker RK7621​ If your rice is a large part of your diet you may want to add the Tefal Rice Xpress IH Rice Cooker to your list of kitchen additions. Its advanced technology guarantees perfect rice 2x faster, whilst including Induction heating technology combined with homogenous heat distribution via spherical pot to ensure all rice is cooked to perfection. ​ 6. Tefal Ultrablend Boost Vacuum High Speed Blender BL985 ​ If you want blends that can be done fast without compromising on taste, you will love this Hi Speed Blender. Featuring its Powelix Blades technology, ensure ultra-fine results with high-speed pulverization with up to 30& faster blending. It also includes 10 automatic programs, 5 for hot and 5 for cold for and an endless range of recipes. ​​ 7. *Bonus home addition: ​ Tefal Pro Express Protect Steam Generator Iron GV9221​ Besides cooking ironing is certainly a task we would love to simplify, and thanks to the Tefal Pro Express Protect GV9221 you are guaranteed just that. Its ease of use with only 1 automatic setting & 100% safe for all fabric types and includes a double protection system so there is no risk of burning fabric. Features Durilium Airglide soleplates to help provide even distribution of steam release for deeper penetration into layers of fabric. ​ #TefalMY #TefalMalaysia #Cookware ​ Tefal Eternal Mesh Stainless Steel Induction Range ​ RRP: RM999 Tefal Ingenio Expertise 8-PC Black ​ RRP: RM1,099 ​ Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker CY638D 65 ​ RRP: RM1,299 ​ Tefal Unlimited Frypan ​ RRP: RM239 ​ Tefal Ultrablend Boost Vacuum High Speed Blender (BL985) ​ RRP: RM1,999 ​ Tefal Pro Express Protect Steam Generator Iron (GV9221)​ RRP: RM1,899

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