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Posted 9 months ago

Introducing 'Lady's Hope Herbal Tea' and 'Slim River Herbal Tea' – Your Partners in Detoxification and Balanced Living! 🌼 Lady's Hope Herbal Tea: Your gateway to a revitalized self! This unique blend of handpicked herbs promises a journey of detoxification and relief from constipation. Discover a natural approach to wellness that nurtures your body from within. 🌿 Slim River Herbal Tea: Experience the serenity of slimming down while embracing the grace of nature's offerings. This exquisite blend is thoughtfully crafted to aid in toning those thighs and detoxifying your body, promoting a harmonious fusion of health and tranquility. These teas are not just about sipping, but about savoring each moment of self-care. Enjoy an exclusive offer of 2 cans for only RM 36.90 (NP: RM 45.80). It's not just a purchase – it's an investment in your health and happiness. ------ Our Shop >> Contact us and make your reservation now! (William) 📍Winter Warmers Gurney Paragon Mall 📞 +04 2189486 📍Winter Warmers Straits Quay 📞 +04 8993848 📍Winter Warmers Queensbay Mall 📞 +04 6422848 📍Winter Warmers G Hotel 📞 +04 2919848 📍Winter Warmers Sunway Carnival 📞 +04 3995623 📍Winter Warmers Autocity Juru 📞 +04 5077848 📍Winter Warmers Aeon mall Alma 📞 +04 5484503 📍Winter Warmers Aeon Mall Taiping 📞 +05 8010001 📍Winter Warmers Iconic Point 📞 +04 5887748 #winterwarmers #HerbalTeaWellness #NourishFromWithin #EmbraceBalance

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