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Posted 2 months ago

Coral reefs, crucial underwater ecosystems vital for 30% of marine life, are dying. Climate change causes rising water temperatures, leading to coral bleaching (loss of color and nutrients). Increased CO2 also makes oceans more acidic, hindering coral's ability to build their skeletons. These threats endanger not just reefs, but also the health of our oceans and coastlines. This is why Sothys, in collaboration with Tenaka, is actively working to restore these vital ecosystems. Tenaka focuses on in-situ implantation within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) under marine biologists’ supervision. This meticulous approach has already replanted 2.5 hectares of coral, safeguarding 4,000 species of fish and invertebrates. Right here in Pulau Tioman, Sothys with Tenaka is actively restoring a reef within an MPA, ensuring a healthy future for our oceans. #Sothys #tenaka #sothysmalaysia #coralreefs #protectocean

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