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Posted 3 days ago

Meet the master butcher/my father- Uncle Ho. He's the man behind the sausage, smoked meats and other Butcher’s Table dishes you folks love eating. He’s the reason behind why we do what we do. We want his craft to be known by many because they are truly a labor of love. Almost 3 decades in, you can still taste the quality and authenticity he tries to convey through his recipes. So back in 2017, I decided to return from Singapore to help my father out. And the rest is history! It made me realize that working with a master butcher is an absolute privilege. It’s always a pleasure watching him work so effortlessly! There’s so much to learn from his extensive knowledge and skills. From cooking to smoking, curing and butchery just to name a few. He reassures in times of chaos and always seems to know what to do. He taught me how to be patient in any situation no matter how stressful it gets, and how to wear more than one hat at a time. It gets overwhelming at times but I am a firm believer of trusting the process. He still supports me in whatever ways he can. Well, mostly showing his love silently with gestures. And when things get rough, he taught me sometimes it's easier to laugh at life than to let it eat you up. Be flexible (this doesn’t mean you’re weak/passive but a practical approach with the ever-evolving world we live in) and fulfillment will come your way. Butcher’s Table is turning 4 soon. It feels extremely fulfilling to build something meaningful together. And I’m truly proud of my father and his magic! Thank you for everything, papa! ❤️ Oh and thank you folks too for the tremendous support and love you’ve been showing us since 2017! 🥺❤️#forevergrateful STILL CAN’T BELIEVE WE ARE ✨FOUR✨ SOON. Love, Tiffany - This Father’s Day, we have a tribute to all amazing dads and father figures out there! Pamper the man with some good and honest food. Pre-order now until 17th June. Available from 18th-20th June: T&Cs apply.

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