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Posted 6 months ago

Looking for a skin relief for sensitive skin? Our Cica Calming Moisture Mask is perfectly made for sensitive skin, let it give your skin a break from redness and irritation. Infused with Cica, its gentle healing properties repair damaged skin and further strengthen skin barrier. Thirsty skin? Meet your hydration hero! Our Rose Brightening Moisture Mask quenches your skin’s thirst with ample hydration. Infused with potent botanical extracts that rejuvenate your skin to plump and radiant perfection. It’ll reveal healthy soft skin with an alluring rosy scent. Say hello to glowing skin with our upcoming bundles: Cica Jumbo Bundle & Glow Big or Go Home Bundle Cica Jumbo Bundle (RM320): Buy 2 CCMM Jumbo, FREE 2x CCMM 1 pc Glow Big or Go Home Bundle (RM320): Buy 1x RBMM Jumbo & 1x CCMM Jumbo, FREE 1x RBMM 1 pc & FREE 1x CCMM 1pc Get set for an exclusive skincare adventure - coming soon! #LUMIBeauty #LUMILove #gleamgetters

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