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Posted 1 month ago

Balik Kampung in an EV is real. Here’s Faris Iman’s detailed account travelling roughly 600 km from Shah Alam to his hometown in Besut, Terengganu. “Hey everyone! I just had to share my incredible experience spending a week with the Hyundai IONIQ 6. The journey itself was quite the adventure, spanning nearly 600 km from Shah Alam to Besut, Terengganu. Despite my initial worries about charging stations, being a first-time EV driver, I was pleasantly surprised. It only took me a 40-minute pit stop at R&R Gambang to charge from 40% to 100%, allowing me to cruise home with a comfortable 20% battery reserve. Now, let me tell you about the driving experience — utterly mind-blowing! This sleek beauty of a car provided a ride like no other. The acceleration was seamless, the quietness eerie yet calming. I had three other friends with me, and we were all left speechless by the effortless speed and agility of the IONIQ 6. For the entire week, this car became my trusted companion in my hometown. Whether it was visiting relatives for Hari Raya celebrations or simply running errands, the IONIQ 6 turned heads wherever it went. And as someone who's a bit of an introvert, it was surprising how this car became a conversation starter everywhere I went. I found myself suddenly bombarded with questions about EVs, and what amazed me most was the genuine interest and knowledge my relatives had about electric cars. Instead of asking basic questions, they were eager to share what they already knew and verify their understanding with me. It's clear to me now that the future of EVs is bright, especially seeing the enthusiasm from folks in my hometown. I can only hope that charging facilities will expand beyond the Klang Valley and R&R areas to cover more of the East Coast soon, as there's definitely a growing interest in EVs there. Who would have thought I'd become a mini ambassador for the Hyundai Ioniq 6 in my own hometown? It's been a ride to remember, indeed!" #Hyundai #HyundaiMY #IONIQ6 #6appeal #EV

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