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Did you know your skin has different needs at each stage of your period cycle? Of course, different products work for different skin types — what are your cycle skincare go-tos? Produk mana dari The Body Shop yang paling sesuai dengan kulit anda? Here's some info on your skin at different stages of the cycle: 👇 🔻Menstrual phase: Hormones are low, and you may feel tired and sluggish. That’ll be the low oestrogen and progesterone levels. Another victim? Your skin, it may feel dry and sensitive. 🔻Follicular phase: Next comes follicular, which is when follicles in ovary mature. Energy’s back on the menu as oestrogen levels rise. Your skin will likely feel firmer and bouncier because of the collagen. A downfall? Oil production spikes a little. 🔻Ovulation phase: Oestrogen levels peak and you, dare we say, are glowing. Bouncy, clear, radiant with your collagen soaring. 🔻Luteal phase: With progesterone’s back on the rise, this is when your complexion will take the biggest hit. Clogged pores o’clock. Browse more skincare items at #thebodyshopmalaysia #skincare #period #crueltyfree #vegetarian #knowyourskin

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