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Posted 4 months ago

We are launching Koikawa Junmai sake! Koikawa brewery is located in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan where Kame-no-o rice first originated. Kame-no-o rice was famous for making good Sake, but due to the difficulty in farming it, the rice was almost wiped out. 30 years ago, Koikawa brewery discovered that there were a few hundred seeds left and asked the great-great-grandson of Kame-no-o inventor, Mr. Kameji Abe for the seeds in order to start farming this special rice again. Today Kame-no-o has once again became a popular rice for Sake-making. Kame-no-o can only be grown using organic methods, as this species of rice plant will die if pesticides or other chemicals are used. Koikawa Junmai when cold, you can add a slice of lemon to taste the freshness. p/s: temporary not available at Gurney Paragon branch

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