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A Pressure Cooker Saves You Time And Money Using a pressure cooker to prepare your meals means that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. What are the four (4) benefits of having a pressure cooker? ● Food retains most of its nutrients when cooked in a pressure cooker. ● Preparing your own meals is much cheaper and healthier than eating out. ● Cooking time is greatly reduced when you use a pressure cooker. ● Multi-programme menu for different cooking needs. Introducing the Khind Electric Pressure Cooker PC6000: ● Thermal plate with thermal efficiency to save cooking time up to 60%. ● Digital display with touch sensor to control programmable menus. ● One-touch button for safe release of pressure. ● Comes with two inner pots; ceramic-coated and stainless steel ● Silicon seal ring for fully-sealed structure retains nutrition. ● Easy-to-clean detachable steam lid. Make our Khind Electric Pressure Cooker PC6000 an essential appliance in your kitchen and save yourself time and money while maintaining a healthier diet. Available at TBM Shop now #TBM #Khind

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