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Posted 11 months ago

Discover the Magic of Air, Teka Airfry Oven. A game-changer in the world of healthy cooking. Prepare to indulge in your favorite foods with up to 80% less fat, all while savoring the mouthwatering taste you love. โœ” Crisp & Healthy : Teka Airfry Oven utilizes revolutionary air frying technology to achieve that perfect crunch without the need for excessive oil. Say goodbye to greasy dishes and hello to healthier meals that retain their natural flavors and nutrients. โœ” Frymaster Box : A die cut tray that allows an even heat circulation, without turning over the food. โœ” Full Oven Function : It's not just an Airfry Oven but it's come with 9 oven function. It's a versatile kitchen companion. โœ” Hydroclean System : Cleaning up after a delicious meal should be hassle-free. By just turning the oven to hydroclean function after it's cool down. Time saving & convenient. Elevate your cooking experience and embrace a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste, let's get a Teka Airfry Oven! #teka #tekamalaysia #oven #kitchenappliance #kitchendesign #airfry #healthyfood #oilfree

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