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Posted 1 week ago

Does your baby not get enough sleep? Do you and your partner wake up every hour to your baby crying in the middle of the night? Have you tried out all kinds of tips on how to get your baby to sleep better but none of them seem to work? How many hours a day does your baby usually sleep? Your newborn should be sleeping 16-18 hours, while 4-12 months old should be 12-16 hours, and for 1-2 years old it’s around 11-14 hours per day. These hours include naptime of course. . As parents, you will also feel the impact of your baby’s sleeping pattern since it is so tiring to put your baby to sleep, and you don’t get a chance to rest at all. Even if you take turns with your partner staying up all night to take care of your baby, it will take a toll on both of you. Going to work every day after a tiring night with no rest at all, your work performance may also be affected. And once you get home, you aren’t able to have a quality time with your family just because you’re so exhausted. In the long term, this isn’t a healthy routine for you and your family. So what can you do? Ever heard of a baby spa? Well, Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness which is a wellness centre which provides multiple health benefits for your baby. On top of that, it is a socially fun, exciting, nurturing environment that makes your babies feel happy, safe and calm. . 6️⃣ Benefits of Baby Spa 🛀🏽 . ✅ Helps with the digestive system 💩 and improve baby's appetite 🍼 ✅ Builds motor skills, flexibility and balance 🤸🏻‍♂️🏋🏻 ✅ Stimulation for immune system, and coordination ✅ Strengthens muscles and increases growth💪🏻 ✅ Reduces tooth ache (growing teeth), muscle cramps, constipation, and wind ✅ Increases relaxing hormones which helps baby to sleep well 😴 . Try out this fun baby spa time for your baby! If you’re worrying about your baby’s safety during these times of Covid-19, you don’t need to worry at all. Hippopo has upgraded their SOP so that your baby is safe, healthy and happy during your time at the spa. PM us for more info and promotions. 😉👍 #babysleep #babyswimforhealth #babydevelopment #activebaby #babyhydrotherapy #hippopobabyspa

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