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Only on 1 Sep 2019

Have you missed the first round Iron Man competition?! Don't worry! Second round is coming on 1 Sept! What this competition about? The fastest man who manage to iron neatly and without wrinkle on provided clothes will be the winner and advance to next round. REMEMBER! This is just the primary round! When you win this primary round, you are eligible to join the semifinal to compete with another winner from different month! And also final round! Register yourself with our customer service team! Once the time confirmed, you will get a call from our team. Prizes for each round! Primary round prize: Tefal Steam Iron FV1848 Semifinal prize: Tefal Steam Iron FV4911 Final prize: Tefal Steam Generator SV7030 HomePro ~ One Shop for ALL Home 🙂 #HomeProMY #IronMancompetition #HomeProIOICityMall #HomeProSummit #HomeProMelaka #HomeProIpoh #HomeProPenang #HomeProJohor

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