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Posted 10 months ago

What is the difference between DNATUREL PINK CLAY and GREEN CLAY face masks. Pink Mineral Clay Mask - can cleanse the skin - eliminate toxins - remove dead skin cells - revitalize the skin. In addition, it can also be used to regulate acne and other skin problems, such as poor blood circulation, poor lymphatic circulation, skin damage after sun exposure, etc.; French pink mineral mud powder is a very mild mineral mud powder, suitable for middle-aged sexual desire, mature age, sensitive skin. Green Mineral Mud Mask - can eliminate toxins in the skin - deeply clean pores and remove excess oil and dirt - remove dead skin cells - firm the skin - promote epidermal cell regeneration; French green mineral mud powder is suitable for neutral , Oily skin. #pinkclaymaskaldi .#greenclaymask #dnaturel #dnaturelover #detoxmask? #removedeadskincell #removeskinlayers #poresproblem #skincareforbritenning #cleanpores

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