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Posted 1 year ago

In this upcoming series of stories, we speak with loyal Blackmores fans and find out how Blackmores has affected their lives. #10YearsofTrust "I came to Singapore to work 8 years ago. Living in a foreign land as living conditions and eating habits differ and change, my body gradually becomes unhealthy as my health fails. At first I didn’t pay much thought and attention to it until common colds and cough happen frequently which later developed into illness one after another. As a result I often fell sick a few times a year during flu season and my body became vulnerable as I got sick to a greater extent. I accumulated a lot of medical chits and this is where I started to worry. Was it due to the fact of my poor diet lacking fruits and vegetables? The more I wonder the more I feel uneasy. I'm not sure what nutrients do I lack until my friend, a loyal Blackmores customer, recommended me Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals, hence I started taking this supplement daily. Honestly one tablet a day won’t bring immediate results. It’s only during the flu season as I realize everybody around me starts having cold and flu symptoms except me, and I realized that as if I am well “protected within a shield”. Yes, the fact is that my immune system has improved by leaps and bounds. All credits goes to Blackmores as I am in the pink of health. Though it may not be something great, still it’s better than having to fall sick all the time and this is my greatest blessing! When I compare Blackmores with other health supplements, Blackmores offer me a better price point . Sometimes Blackmores offer free gifts generously and it’s a good way to remunerate customers. Congrats to Blackmores for having won the title of ten consecutive years of "Trusted Brand". I will continue to support this brand." - Heng Khai Ling

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