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Posted 3 weeks ago

HAK ISTIMEWA MEMBERKARYA!!!! When you become a member of Merdekarya (+-RM20 per month), 100% of your membership fees go to the musicians who perform on our stage while YOU get unlimited free entry to all gigs and very significant discounts on drinks, among other benefits! OUR MUSICIANS GET PAID MORE WHEN YOU PAY LESS If we hit our target of 1000 members, this means that each of our musicians is GUARANTEED at least RM200 per gig (a five-piece band, for example, will get RM1000), regardless of whether they play to a full house or a crowd of three. Previously, with only a cover charge, each musician received (on average) RM70, which barely covered their transport costs. By becoming a member, you take significant pressure off the musicians to put butts on seats, and they can concentrate on what they do best - MAKING MUSIC! Best of all, by providing our musicians with a guaranteed base-income, you also help create a bigger, better live music experience for yourself: Many musicians can't afford to pay sessionists to replicate their recorded music onstage, and end up performing stripped down versions of their songs live. But with guaranteed payment, they'll be able to perform their songs for you the way they were meant to be performed. In essence, by becoming a member, every time you attend a gig, you pay way less for a better live music experience and, at the same time, ensure that the musicians get paid way more! Oh btw, from now till 7 Jan 2022 (OUR RESTART DATE AFTER TWO YEARS!), you'll get member prices when you dine & drink in, whether you sign up or not - kira macam free trial la. All info (new gig schedule, new menu, membership info etc) is at the all-new

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