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My Super Dad - Music Fairy Charity Tour Blood donation activity "Save a man to win a Buddha pagoda" Music Fairy will hold a blood donation event on June 16th (Sunday). Everyone is welcome to participate. The so-called "save a life to win a Buddha pagoda". A blood donation bag is a life saver. Donate the blood and sacrifice yourself, let make a lovely society. The benefits of blood donation are to promote blood metabolism, to improve health, and help patients who urgently need blood transfusion. You are welcome to bring your identity card (IC) and the annual blood donation card to participate in this blood donation event. Please do not drink alcohol within two days before donating blood. Date: Sunday, June 16, 2019 Time : 10.30am -3.30pm Location: KL GATEWAY MALL ( UG-Floor ) Basic conditions for blood donation: ■ Good Physical and mental health ■ Age requirements: (1) Those who have donated blood: 18 to 70 years old; (2) Those who have never donated blood: 18 to 60 years old; (3) Those who have 17 years old blood donors: need to obtain the consent of parents and supervisors ■ Weight requirement: 45 kg and above ■ Sleeping time of the day is not less than 5 hours ■ Hemoglobin (level) requirements: girls, no less than 12.5 grams; boys, no less than 13.5 grams ■ Do not empty stomach! Must eat before the blood donation. ■ Those who take Chinese medicine, perform acupuncture, or alcohol drinking excessively, should not donate blood within 24 hours. ■ Sensitive skin, long-term medication (non-vitamin) person is not allowed to donate blood ■ With HIV (HIV), hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis and other infection groups are not allowed to donate blood ■ Blood donor should not belong in a high-risk infection group, such as: (1) homosexuality; (2) bisexuality; (3) sex workers; (4) Multiple sexual partners and good deaf; (5) was a drug user; (6) A partner of the group above. ■ Female blood donor requirements: pregnant, menstrual, lactating, or abortion within 6 months, are not suitable for blood donation ■ Non-Malaysian national requirements: at least one year or more in Malaysia ■ Those who have been in high-risk areas of infectious diseases (such as Zika disease area) cannot donate blood within 28 days after returning to Malaysia (* different infectious diseases will have different the treatment, the center will be updated immediately).

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