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Posted 1 year ago

#NewYearDealsOngoing #2nd-50% Having a cup of Matcha in the morning every day can also improve our metabolism, and matching exercise can double the speed of fat burning ❗ Matcha is rich in antioxidant ingredients, which can help boost our metabolism and achieve the effect of fat burning. When exercising with Lots Matcha, can also effectively accelerate fat decomposition, thus achieving a healthy and effective slimming effect. Matcha contains natural alkaline ingredients, which can dissolve fat, and has the effect of digesting fat. So you don't have to worry about consuming too much fat in a day! Matcha is also rich in nutrients that your body needs. Its main components are tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, chlorophyll, protein, aromatic substances, fiber, vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, cB6, E, K, H, etc.. Looking for matcha? Then choose Lots Matcha! ✔100% PURE Natural Matcha ✔100% Vegan ✔Shade-growing technique, which improves the nutrient content of tea leaves, light aroma slightly bitter but not astringent ✔Use the steaming technique for fixation, and slow grinding to preserve nutrients ✔Rich in antioxidants ✔Strengthen Body Immune System ✔Natural energy boosts metabolism ✔Zero glycemic indexes, does not raise insulin levels ✔High in fiber, high in vitamins ✔Cost-effective, high-quality matcha that you and I can afford♥ Lots Matcha, the brand you can trust 💕 T&C Apply We also offer Nationwide delivery service. Have a SAFE shopping experience now! *All Pictures Shown are for Illustration Purpose Only. #LegendOfTea #QualityLifeBeginsWithTea #LotsMatcha #LotsMatchaSilverLabel

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