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Posted 1 week ago

Loving this rare yellow orchid. Checking out the collaboration of with @eatcaketoday and we can now order cakes and flowers to our love ones in one platform. . Do you know that orchid must be in bright light but not hot, and need to mist enough water but not too much water, else it tends to die easily. . After each bloom, the flower will stay for a short while before its gone. For some, if u take care very well it will bloom twice a year. mostly once a year. . Tips in raising orchid, do avoid direct sunlight. Keep in bright light, at 65-85 °F (18-30°C) and 50-70% humidity. Plant in orchid potting mix, water when the top of the potting medium is dry and fertilize lightly every 1-2 weeks. Prune after flowering. . This set is found at: #Repost @malaysianparenting

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