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Let's heal with nature! 🫖🌱 For many, tea is just a regular drink - to quench your thirst..but Blue Mallow Tea do more just than that! 🔥It's cooling and soothing properties is ideal for treating cough sore throat 😱Have a hard time answering nature's call? Dial 1-800-Blue-Mallow 🤓 Fulleaf Tea Store was founded to encourage drinking tea as a way of life. We want everyone to feel the 'moment of zen' with every sip of heaven. ✅Natural Farming in origin ✅100% naturally with zero flavouring, zero coloring and zero chemical ✅Packed upon demand for long lasting freshness ✅Friendly price, so affordable! 🎁GET PURE BLUE MALLOW TEA AT PRICE RM14.50 AND NOW WITH TRIAL PRICE 15% OFF! FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU SPEND RM60 IN OUR WEBSITE 🎁 Shop Now: Life is full of ups and down. When the going gets though, the though take a tea break 🥳Get our Pure Blue Mallow now & let us know your feedback! 😍 #fulleaf #tea #bluemallow #health #wellness #teaforlife #tealover

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