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Promising new, revolutionary technology that would radically change the way blood tests were done, whereby only a small amount of blood was needed and costed a fraction of current costs, Theranos' selling point was also that "no more needles" were needed. It seemed that only a little prick on the finger could do the job. . The thing was, Theranos was a huge scam. Their technology did not work. John Carreyrou's "Bad Blood", uncovers the rise and fall of Theranos and the indivi duals responsible for conducting this elaborate scheme. . "Bad Blood" is now a nominee in our MPH Best of 2019 Awards! Enjoy 25% OFF* (20% for non-members) on this title, from now till 29 February 2020. ;) . Link: . #mph #mphbookstores #theranos #scam #siliconvalley #johncarreyrou #badblood #bloodtests #technology #nonfiction #books #bookstoread #reading #tbr #malaysia

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