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Posted 5 months ago

Whilst nature intended for mums to be able to breastfeed their babies, breastfeeding is not always easy. It does not come as naturally as many may think. It is important for mums to relax and trust their instinct when it comes to when baby should feed, whether to pump and so on. There are many breastfeeding tips out there, but the most important one is for mums to shout for help whenever they need. Lactation consultants can help with basic but important questions such as how to make sure baby latches on properly, what are the right positions or how to know when baby has had enough milk. The earlier you get your answers and baby’s latch checked, the better. It is very important for her support network to offer her that – the support. Doubts about her milk supply or comments about how much baby seems to be latching on are not helpful. Instead, offer to find her a comfortable spot to breastfeed and provide her with pillows if tht would help. Bring her some water and snacks as breastfeeding can make mum thirsty and hungry too. Breastfeeding experience is unique and personal to each mum and child. It is something to be respected; mums should remember this to cherish the unique experience with each of her children and her family or friends who have breastfed before should remember this so that they can use their experiences to lovingly share rather than judge the new mum.

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