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Giving your little one a massage is more than just about relaxation. Studies have shown that baby massage can have numerous benefits including calming colic, constipation, gas and reflux, helping babies sleep better, stimulating their nervous systems and boosting their psychological and social development. As long as you’re gentle with your baby, and responsive to their reactions, baby massage is a wonderful experience for both parents and bubs. Here’s our step-by-step guide to starting - Always ensure a comfortable room temperature and a firm and safe surface before you begin the massage. Gather everything you need so you’re ready to begin as soon as your baby is there. Always use a safe, fragrance-free baby oil. Any product used during a massage will be absorbed by the skin in even higher quantities so make sure the product you choose is as natural and nourishing as possible. Warm a little of the oil up in the palms of your hands before beginning. Always begin with your baby on their back, so you can see exactly how they respond to the massage. As you begin, check to see if your baby is responding happily to the massage. Always stop if your baby shows discomfort at any point. Chat to your baby, telling him or her exactly what you’re doing at each point. Start with baby’s feet, massaging with your thumbs down the foot, and up the toes. Then follow on with long strokes on your baby’s legs. Then massage your baby’s hands, starting with circular motions with your thumb on their palms, then up the fingers, and then long strokes up their arms. Around sensitive areas such as the face & tummy, use the lightest touch possible or skip this step if you’re not comfortable massaging those areas. Avoid the scalp and genitals at all times. Finally, turn your baby on their back, and use long strokes down their back and legs. A baby massage doesn’t have to be long for your baby and you to reap its rewards! So why not make it a part of your daily routine? Post-bath and before sleep is a wonderful time, but any time of the day when baby’s relaxed but alert is great too. It can be one of the most enjoyable daily experiences you have with your baby.

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