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If you are thinking of getting braces for a perfect smile, ICare Dental can help you achieve that through their services. They offer 2 types of braces: self-ligating braces and conventional braces. 1. Conventional braces The brackets in each tooth are held together by either an elastic band or a small piece of metal. ... Pros: You can have the option of colourful braces as a personal accessorizing opportunity 2. Self-ligating braces Instead of using elastic bands or metal pieces to connect the brackets to the wire, the brackets have a small spring-loaded door to lock the wire in place without using extra tools. The brackets are also smaller, and can sometimes come in clear brackets Pros: Smaller brackets so maybe less painful The process is gentler and is less visible compared to conventional braces Faster dental visits as there is no need to change the elastic bands Faster process than conventional braces Self-ligating braces are an excellent choice if you want to have a better cosmetic outlook whilst wearing braces within a shorter frame of time. If you are interested in getting braces, do contact: See more

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