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Posted 4 weeks ago

Just us, fashionably late.😎 Apparently this is a trend, and here's our take on it. 🥸 Let's go through this ONE BY ONE: 1. SIDE SEAMLESS RIB TANKTOP 2 from MUJI, Level 6, Pavilion Elite, made out of cotton. Lightweight and less restrictive (Not to mention less grab points). Making sure you stay comfortable in every situations, ANY situations (even messy ones). 🤪 2. LEVI'S® MEN'S 512™ SLIM TAPER JEANS👖, looking for a jeans with sturdy cotton fabric that is resistance to tear and abrasion, one that can provide a level of protection and well-fitted that are not too tight can offer the necessary mobility, allowing for free movement of legs and hips? Levi's Level 2, Fashion Avenue got your back. 3. Alpaka Go Sling Mini V2 Axoflux 300D from The Planet Traveller, Level 6, Pavilion Elite. If you are planning on getting any jeans and white tank top, might as well consider this to accessorize the look.✨ 4. Lucky Cat Blind Box from Toy garden, Level 6, Tokyo Street. Bringing you luck, ensuring you emerge victorious in every situation.🌟 5. Jack n Jill Potato Chips available at Mercato, Level 1, the perfect snack for movie time.🎞️🍿

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