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Posted 2 years ago

Reposted from Daphne Iking It’s been awhile since I shared my #ZeroWastePon efforts. A family friend, @sk2577 introduced me to Joshua Liew , co-founder and owner of @espressolabasia. Naturally, we started chatting and I asked him if he had any used ground coffee that I could take and he was more than happy to load some off! Composting coffee grounds help to add nitrogen to your compost pile but bear in mind that they are considered green compost material and will need to be balanced by brown compost like dry leaves and old newspaper. Diluted coffee ground is acidic so be sure to water just acid-loving plants ok? Worms are very fond of coffee grounds and it acts as a slug and snail repellant too! Joshua was amongst the many retailers who was hit during the pandemic as most of his outlets are located in corporate office environments and malls. I was rather bummed to hear about one of my fave meeting spots in Bangsar was also closed down 😓. Anyway, as one of the earliest players in speciality coffee here in Msia, they found creative ways to sustain including collaborations with brands like Sttoke. The Sttoke is light-weight making it portable and easy to carry but be careful as it’s not 💯 leak proof so don’t sukati letak kat handbag k? Angkat and drink. Espressolab Asia has introduced their steepbru in sachet form. Just add hot water and let it steep for 3-4 minutes for “hot black” coffee or add room temperature water and steep overnight in the fridge for “cold brew”. For a stronger punch? Add an extra sachet and you can add milk, sugar or honey (I use @uinahbeverages wild honey) Yesterday, I was in a bit of a rush, so I steeped the coffee in hot water and then added ice cubes. Ok jugalah but if you want the more authentic “cold brew” version, best to leave in room temperature water and steep overnight. They have a sale online now - discounts up to 31% so do check them out and give our brader some ❤️ k? (link in bio) Bah. Kupi-kupi dulu sia.

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