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Posted 2 weeks ago

How did the HSBC lions come to be? Swipe to find out more! The story dates back to 1921, when Chief Manager Alexander Stephen decided a pair of lions would look impressive outside the HSBC building in Shanghai. He asked his daughters in a letter, β€œI wonder what you thought of Venice and if you noticed the stone lion outside the Arsenal gate. It made a great impression on me… a sculptor in London is sending two lions of his own design.” Designed by sculptor Henry Poole, the bronze lions were first cast in England and shipped to Shanghai in 1923. They were then cast once more for a grand opening in Hong Kong in 1935. The lions, Stephen and Stitt, have since risen to fame, appearing on Hong Kong banknotes, children's saving boxes, and HSBC buildings from London to Geneva. #HSBCMalaysia #HSBCTurns140 #140YearsAndBeyond #OpeningUpAWorldOfOpportunity

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