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Posted 7 months ago

Hi Spartans, As you know there are many strong principled Spartan ethos for us all as a community to live by. Perseverance, resiliency and grit are but some of these pillars. Another principal is being able to admit when you make a mistake, and working to correct that. Well, we as event organisers made a mistake around the event photos for you the Spartan community. As many event organisers are now doing due to untenable high costs, our objective was to out-source the cost of the photographers and have the photo team own the risk and reward in operating the event and selling the photos online thereafter. In a tough economic climate, even Spartan HQ has made the decision to do that for all 2024 events. However, our error was in failing to recognize that we had committed free professional photos as part of our value proposition to you, the Spartan racer. Our profuse apologies for that dropped ball. To honour our commitment with you, we have made a deal with the photograph team for us to purchase and be able to provide you with 2 free photos for you to download at no charge. You may now go to, sign up for an account with the same email you registered for the race, and enjoy your first 2 photos for free. As the management of the photos was outsourced to an established 3rd party photo agency, the photo firm is not equipped to honour any request for refunds, but will gladly provide an extra 2 photos to anyone who has made a preliminary purchase. Please do accept our apologies as we have worked so hard for you, to bring this dear Spartan Malaysia community and event back to life, despite significant obstacles. Thank you all for your support as we all work to embrace the Spartan ethos. Aroo! THANK YOU for making🔥 KL Trifecta Weekend 2023 🔥🏅 happened ❤️❤️💪 AROO! #SpartanRace #Spartan #SpartanRaceMY #SpartanMY #SpartanSarawak #SpartanKL #SpartanTrifecta2023 #SpartanSprint #SpartanSuper #SpartanBeast #SpartanExtreme #DoToughShit

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