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Posted 3 weeks ago

Gloss, lasting color and moisture…Have it all with KATE LIP MONSTER. The "lasting effects" of makeup are high in demand more than ever nowadays. Many makeup users wish to keep their freshly done morning look for hours for their base makeup and each area of their face. The lips and lines along the eyes are most prone to crumbling. As for the lips, lipstick often comes off when eating or when wearing masks due to friction. But with LIP MONSTER, a new lipstick from KATE that pursues "lasting" effects, you can enjoy the color and gloss of freshly applied lipstick for hours thanks to the adhesive gel film formed on the lip surface. Enjoy the comfort of seeing no lipstick residue getting on paper straws and cups when drinking beverages! On another note, long-lasting lipsticks are usually matte or tinted, but it is worth noting that LIP MONSTER is glossy with moisturizing effects. This is a must-have if you have given up on a plump and glossy finish because color retention has been your priority. This is the season's most recommended lipstick with all three of the following features: Color retention, moisturizing effects, and gloss. Give it a try! [Model items] KATE LIP MONSTER 02 Top / Stylist's Own Ear Cuffs, Rings/ blanc iris

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