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Posted 1 year ago

#NewYearDealsOngoing #2nd-50% Taking too many calories during the New Year🔥? Have a cup of Lots Matcha every day, and feel lightness in your body!!! A cup of matcha every morning also boosts our metabolism and doubles the fat-burning rate with exercise 🏃. The Tea Green Pigment (TGP) in matcha also helps the body flush out heavy metal toxins! #HealthyDietStartsWithMatcha You don't have to worry about eating too greasy during this Chinese New Year ✨ You can eat with pleasure and peace of mind! Looking for matcha? Then choose Lots Matcha! ✔100% PURE Natural Matcha ✔100% Vegan ✔Shade-growing technique, which improves the nutrient content of tea leaves, light aroma slightly bitter but not astringent ✔Use the steaming technique for fixation, and slow grinding to preserve nutrients ✔Rich in antioxidants ✔Strengthen Body Immune System ✔Natural energy boosts metabolism ✔Zero glycemic indexes, does not raise insulin levels ✔High in fiber, high in vitamins ✔Cost-effective, high-quality matcha that you and I can afford♥ Visit our website TODAY!!! Lots Matcha, the brand you can trust 💕 T&C Apply We also offer Nationwide delivery service. Have a SAFE shopping experience now! *All Pictures Shown are for Illustration Purpose Only. #LegendOfTea #QualityLifeBeginsWithTea #LotsMatcha #LotsMatchaSilverLabel

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