Privacy Policy

OfferStation Sdn. Bhd. (owner of the LoopMe websites) (“We, Us”) are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and service users. We appreciate that you put your trust in us when you provide your information to LoopMe.


We will collect certain information from and about you. This is defined as any information relating to you that can be used to both identify you directly or indirectly.

Information that you enter into LoopMe (“The Website”) at the point of account creation will be used to create a customer profile for you, except for your password. This will include any information that you provide when creating your account, including an email address and other contact information, your name, your username, and address information. The Website maintains records of its customer profiles to enable for quick or automatic logins by customers, and to connect you with our daily newsletters. You may change this information through your account settings at any time. You may also opt-out of our newsletter at any time.

Any information that you enter into any text field on any webpage of LoopMe will also be collected by us for internal use except where noted otherwise beforehand.

Information collected by The Website from you for a specific purpose (contest, giveaway etc.), is used only for that purpose and retained for only as long as it meets that purpose. Information collected from will only be shared with relevant third parties related to that specific purpose if you give Us additional consent to do so.

If you delete your account, some information may still be retained by us unless you request for a complete deletion from our database.


The password that you create for your account is not known to Us or anyone else. Your password is not stored by The Website. The Website only stores a securely salted and hashed password. You may change your password or email address through your account settings at any time.

If you delete your account, your password will be lost. We cannot provide you with your password, though The Website provides the ability to reset your password should you forget it.

We design and build our services that you use with your security and privacy in mind. In the case of a security breach occurring, We will report the data breach to both you, relevant parties and any data controllers within 72 hours.


As a user of The Website, you have full right to access the information and data we collect from you. Please contact Us by email at with the title ‘ATTN: DATA ACCESS BY REQUEST’ in order to instruct Us to furnish you with your requested personal data. An individual is only entitled to their own personal data, and not to information relating to other people unless the information is also about them or they are acting on behalf of someone, with the instructions of a written legal consent.

If you request for your existing data profile from Us, We will deliver a fully detailed and free electronic copy of the data that has been collected from you. This report will also include the various ways We are using your information.

All LoopMe users have the right to access their own data. Any any point in time, by your request, you are able to obtain your data from Us and reuse that same data in different environments outside of The Website. What you do with the data after We hand it over to you, beyond the confines of our Website is your choice. We are no longer responsible for your data once we hand it over to you.


You have full right to instruct Us to delete any and all information that LoopMe, the Website, or any of the third parties collects about you. Please contact Us by email at with the title ‘ATTN: DATA DELETION BY REQUEST’ in order to instruct Us to forget any or all of the information that LoopMe, the Website, Offerstation Sdn Bhd, or any of the third parties collects about or from you.

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