10 ways to celebrate
Raya this year
When you can’t balik kampung 

With CMCO in place, you won’t be able to balik kampung this year but there’s still a lot of things you can do staying where you are…

1. Create the Mood

It's not too late to decorate even if you are celebrating alone. Lift your mood with some festive ornaments!
Hari Raya 2020 Muslim Eid Al-Fitr Ramadan Lampu LED Light - RM29.00
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2. Keeping it Clean

Taihoyo Handymop SM350 Hand Spin Mop Set - RM138.00
Yes we know it’s Raya but you still need to keep your house clean, just in case someone visits
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3. Snack Healthily

Munch on something different this year. Enjoy some healthy guilt-free Raya snacks, inspired by Asian flavours.
Amazing' Graze Raya Gift Box 320g - RM39.90
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Cornell 46L Electric Oven

4. Bake and Drop-off

No visiting? No problem! You can still bake and drop-off some goodies to your friends and family.
Cornell 46L Electric Oven - RM319
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5. Get a Cake Delivered

Eat Cake Today - CENDOL Cake 6" - RM150
Don’t feel like baking? You can just order one, and delivery is still on for the Raya season!
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Create a picture-perfect photo book that you can share with your loved ones once CMCO is over.

6. Tell your story

Photobook Aidilfitri Joy Readybook from RM95.90
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7. Video Game Marathons

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse - RM149.00
No game, no life. Your gaming marathons are going to be a breeze with an awesome mouse!
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What games did you play as a kid growing up in Malaysia?

8. Playing it Old School

Super Mini Congkak (kayu)
free Guli batu - RM34.65
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Fitness Concept: 5 In 1 Multi-Training Bar - Pull Up Chin Up Exercise Gym Bar - RM61.30

9. Lose the Raya weight

Raya time is famous for good eating, but it is important that we should stay fit through it too.
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10. Holiday Reads

Variasi Aksesori Kerongsang - RM26.00
Take a break and wind down with some good books this Raya.
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